The Missing Lync – Reinventing bicycle security and connectivity

Not surprisingly bicycle theft was down during the lockdowns with police forces reporting an average 10% reduction in theft. This is too be expected as we were all…locked down, so not a great opportunity for bicycle thieves to get their rob on when there is little about to steal – but this will change rapidly now that we are beginning to ease restrictions across Europe.

Pre lockdown there were approx. 3 million bicycles stolen in Europe every year, that is around 340 bikes per hour or just under 6 bikes stolen every minute, and these were just the ones reported. Couple this with a surge of new shiny bikes hitting the streets, average bike price increasing, a big take up of more expensive Ebikes and a continued lack of safe and secure bicycle parking, all leads to a very busy time for bicycle thieves in the coming months.

To combat this the team at Leopard Tech, a new UK start up, has been working with a leading European bicycle manufacturer over the last 12 months to create the Leopard Lync. The Leopard Lync is a fully integrated anti-theft, tracking and connectivity solution making any bike, a ‘smart’ bike and adding a host of enhanced features.

Through a combination of hardware that can be fitted to any bike, both pedal and electric and mobile app, the team are hoping to transform the way in which riders interact with their bicycles, their environment, and each other by making every bike smarter, more secure and encouraging greater bicycle use.

The Lync hardware module can be fitted to any bicycle either externally, within a bottle cage or base unit with its patented integrated battery and power management system or internally within the bike frame itself where it can use the existing battery in e-bikes.

Paired with the Lync app it provides riders with a host of features including anti-theft options and powerful integrated alarm, enhanced GPS tracking, navigation features and bicycle crime mapping. In the event your bicycle is stolen, a rider can track the exact location of their bike and produce a stolen report which can be used with the authorities, insurance companies and posted to social media to support in recovering your ride.  

Through a range of built-in sensors and connectivity options within the Lync hardware module, the device can detect if a bike is moved or tampered with and automatically activates the integrated alarm. The system will also send a message to the rider’s smartphone via the Lync app alerting them to bike movement or a possible theft in progress. Sensors also allow for accident notification altering a rider’s chosen contacts of potential incident.

Leopard Tech’s Director of Marketing, James Robertson said,

“We wanted to create something that would have an immediate benefit to all cyclists, giving them greater peace of mind when leaving their bike and help to deter thieves. Through our collaboration with bicycle manufacturers as well as rigorous testing with cyclists we believe the Leopard Lync can do just that and much more.”

As well as monitoring speed, distance, and elevation the Lync also records a rider’s carbon offset for all journeys they make on their bike helping cyclists to see the immediate environmental benefit of increased usage.

As the Leopard Lync is designed to deter bicycle thieves and keep riders’ bikes more secure, they have also partnered with a range of leading insurance companies to offer riders who have the Lync fitted exclusive savings off bike insurance.  

James continued,

“For us it was vital to have a proven and reliable solution that benefited the cyclist, but this is just the first step. Through the Lync we hope to explore many new opportunities that come with increased connectivity, from partnerships with workshops and mechanics to collaboration with manufacturers and smart city projects, we believe a smart revolution is coming to the cycling world, creating a more secure, safer, and connected experience for all.

The Leopard Lync will be launching this summer in partnership with a leading European bicycle manufacturer with more partnerships planned for the near future.

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